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2.25" - 8" Travel (4) Shock & Spring Packages

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2.25" - 8" Travel (4) Shock & Spring Packages


Price: $1,699.50
Shock Model:
Shock Valving Options:
Front Spring Packages:
Rear Spring Pack:
Mis-Alignment Bushing Kit:
Shaft Bump Stop:

Info about your truck? (Example) GMC 2500hd Diesel ex-cab 5tons 23.1 tires *


2.25" - 8" Travel (4) Shock & Spring Packages Product Description:

CNC Machined 1” Shaft Big Shocks 2.25” Shocks are ideal for Custom  4-link Mega truck applications, sand cars and performance off-road vehicles.  Quality, design and innovative construction provide superior suspension control  and durability. Shock travel ranges from 8” to 16” in 2” increments. All 2.25" shocks come standard with alloy steel bodies, high strength 1" Hard Chrome Steel shafts and 5/8" Chrome-moly heims. MUST HAVE Limit Straps, Bump Stops, Sway Bars.


We Stock most spring packs. Some are drop shipped from Factory and take up to 7-14 business days for the manufacturer to process and ship. 

Common Spring Packages



900 lbs Mini Truck

1100 lbs mini w/ V8

1300 lbs Full Size Truck

1500 lbs Full Size 4 door Truck

1700 lbs Full Size Diesel 4 Door

2000 lbs Super Duty Diesel 4 Dr



500 lbs Mini Truck

700 Mini Truck w/ V8

900 lbs Full Size Truck

1100 lbs Full Size 4 Door Truck

1300 lbs Full Size 4 Door Diesel

1500 lbs Super-duty Diesel 4 Dr

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