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TH350/400 "Boss Hog" Outlaw

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TH350/400 "Boss Hog" Outlaw

SKU: ATC47732

Price: $458.09
Stall Speed:

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TH350/400 "Boss Hog" Outlaw Product Description:

Outlaw Series Converters handle up to 1,000+ hp

The Outlaw Series Converters will handle as much as 1,000+horse power.

The Outlaw Torque Converter is the toughest ACC Performance Torque Converter built. All of the Outlaw series Torque Converters come with a custom Anti-ballooning plate that is designed to hold back any potential ballooning of the Torque Converter. These special designed plates keep the extra weight off of the rotating mass. The Outlaw series converters are designed to handle the extreme shock and abuse of excessive horse power, Nitrous Oxide and or Trans-Break.

ACC Performance puts the much larger Torrington type incased bearings through out the converter where the weaker points are. The Torrington bearings will handle a lot more raw power and abuse that the higher horse power engines and transmissions of today produce. Some of the competition uses a smaller needle type bearing. Needle bearings are not incased, which makes them susceptible to picking up trash in transmission fluid, which can lead up to heat build up and failure.

We also weld-up and tack-weld our turbine and impeller fins all the way around in order to maintain the highest strength. This will stop fin degradation or deformity. We also have custom engineered turbine hubs in order to maintain the highest quality, strength, and durability. Some of the competitors use a chromemoly steel turbine hub that does not weld very well. If improperly welded, it can cause converter failure and or damage to your transmission.

The ACC Performance stators are built to handle more power and heat ranges The stators are built with high flow vents and channels for greater cooling in order to handle the much greater power and heat ranges.

ACC Performance converters are engineered with a single bolt pattern for the rotating mass. This makes ACC Performance Torque Converters surprisingly light, keeping the weight of the converter off of the rotating mass of the motor. This will free up your motor and allow it to rev-up through the RPM range quicker, helping your engine put more power to the ground. Some of the competitors use a dual bolt pattern converter to eliminate multiple part numbers, i.e./ th350 & 400’s. These transmissions using the same converter with a dual bolt pattern, will add 3 to 4 pounds of weight to the converter. This adds weight to the rotating mass of the engine, costing you nothing but horsepower & torque. We at ACC are in the performance business and try to maximize horsepower at every level. We think you do too!

NOTE: Made for Nitrous Oxide and Transbreaks

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