TH350/400 TCI 11" Breakaway Series

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TH350/400 TCI 11" Breakaway Series

SKU: TCI240900

Price: $372.95

TH350/400 TCI 11" Breakaway Series Product Description:

TCI 11-inch diameter Breakaway Torque Converters are designed for use in moderately modified street machines, weekend racers, and as daily driving use. Breakaway Torque Converters provide between 2400 to 2600 RPM flash stall without negatively affecting part-throttle driving. TCI has engineered these Breakaway Torque Converters to be efficient at highway cruising speeds and to launch hard at wide-open throttle. Each unit is built to meet or exceed OE specification and triple tested during assembly. Once all the prep work on the component parts has been completed, the impeller is welded to the front cover. Immediately following this process, a pair of dial indicators are employed on a rotating table to verify that the impeller body and pump drive hub remain true. Each unit is then pressurized and subjected to a leak test to confirm the integrity of all the weld seams. Lastly, each unit is computer balanced to reduce annoying and potentially damaging drivetrain vibrations that would occur from an unbalanced torque converter. That's Triple Tested so you can be confident you're getting a torque converter that's ready to roll.


  • Furnace-brazed fins
  • Needle bearings
  • Hardened, pre-ground pump hub
  • Computer Balanced
  • Installed Hardware Included

  • Harder launches
  • Quicker acceleration
  • Improved low-end power
  • Bolt-in (no modifications required)
  • 1000+ RPM increase in stall over stock

Street/Strip Performance Torque Converter General Application Chart

Torque Converter Series advertised
camshaft duration
rear gear ratio engine characteristics expected rpm stall speeds
small block big block
Street Rodder stock to 260° stock to 3.23 smooth idle, stock comp. ratio

1500 to 1700

1700 to 1900
Saturday Night Special

stock to 265°

stock to 3.23

smooth idle, stock comp. ratio

1600 to 1800

1800 to 2000

265° to 280°

3.00 to 3.73

fair idle, mild modifications

2200 to 2400

2400 to 2600

280° to 300°

3.55 to 4.56

rough idle, large fuel system, raised comp. ratio

3000 to 3400

3400 to 3600
Super StreetFighter

280° to 310°

3.73 to 4.88

rough idle, large fuel system, raised comp. ratio top end power

3500 to 3800

3800 to 4000
Ultimate StreetFighter 290°+ 3.73+ 1000+ horsepower with power adders 3500+ 3800+

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