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Steff's Oil Pre-heaters

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Steff's Oil Pre-heaters


Price: $82.99

Steff's Oil Pre-heaters Product Description:

Elements - STEF’s encapsulated or confined element oil pr eheater positively puts an end to any concerns of boiling oil or the separation of suspended minerals, paraffins and other oil additives. STEF’s design isolates the element itself from direct oil contact within a 3/4″ x 4″ sealed stainless steel housing containing a highly heat conductive media. Designed primarily for dry sump tank or wet sump oil pan (room permitting) installation, this new design, when plugged into any 110/120 volt shop or portable generator source, will increase 5 quarts of engine oil 50° to 60°F (depending on viscosity and ambient temperature) in 15 minutes and that same 5 quarts may reach 180°F in 45 minutes. For larger volumes of oil the time increase is less than proportional to volume. STEF’S unique design also incorporates a -12AN thread O-ring and weld nut allowing heater removal for draining and routine cleaning. A three foot power cord is included.

Pad - STEF’S self-adhesive oil preheater pads are designed for the racer where weld-in element style preheater location is prohibitive. These 5″ x 7″ self-adhesive, nylon reinforced, high temperature silicon jacketed pads will adhere to any clean, flat or radius surface and offer the many benefits of oil preheating to the wet sump racer, automatic transmission racer as well as dry sump tank applications. When the included 6 foot power cord is plugged into any 110/120 volt shop or portable generator source this pad shows its merit. Engine oil temperature increases of 60° to 70°F (depending on viscosity and ambient temperature) may be achieved when 5 quarts of oil are exposed for 15 minutes. 200°F oil temperatures can be reached using the same 5 quarts in volume in less than 45 minutes. For larger volumes of oil the time increases less than proportionately.

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