2.5" Trophy Bump Stop

2.5" Trophy Bump Stop

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2.5" Trophy Bump Stop2.5" Trophy Bump Stop

2.5" Trophy Bump Stop Product Description:

Big Shocks "Trophy Truck Style Bumps". Retained with a shock top style 1/2" bolt 1.75" wide with a standard steel weld in mounting can. 2-1/2" d.o.m alloy steel plated body. 1-1/4" Shafts with a 100,000 lb. tensile strength. All thread together (no snap rings) Aluminum bump pads, 4" stroke. Note* Schrader valve must be removed to install or remove bump stop.

Made in USA


 Shipped with NO pressure in them. You need to charge them with shop air or nitrogen. 

10% of corner weight baseline.

600 lbs corner weight - 60 psi

800 lbs corner weight - 80 psi

1000 lbs corner weight - 100 psi

1300 lbs corner weight - 130 psi