Made in USA,  Made in Michigan,  since 2009.


Your shocks are shipped with NO pressure in them.  You need to charge them with nitrogen.  Nitrogen is the best option.

UPDATED for 2020

150 psi Emulsion shocks at full extension.

150 psi Bonzi reservoir shocks at full extension.

150-200 psi PRO Series reservoir shocks at full extension.

Buying Used Shocks ???

We get lots of calls on this. When buying used shocks make sure the spring rates are correct for your project. A lot of times after you buy the correct springs a whole new shock package would have been cheaper. Shocks are a wearing item, and they have a lifespan.


All Big Shocks use AW-32 or SAE 10w.



1.    Shock shafts extend and compress in a linear path while most suspension components travel in an arc.  As a general rule, the shock should be mounted so the shaft is as close to 90 degrees, to the axle at full compression.  Bump stops and limit straps protect your shocks and your truck from damage.

Bad Angle (BAD Angle = Failure)    Good Angle  (GOOD Angle = Correct)

2.   Shocks and reservoirs should be securely mounted taking care to provide ample clearance between the shocks and the tires and/or chassis throughout the entire range of motion to prevent damage to the shocks from contact, or excessive side loading or binding.  When clamping remote reservoirs locate the hose clamps at either end of the reservoir to allow expansion and prevent crushing the cylinder.  Make sure hoses will not rub against the chassis or body panels or come in contact with sharp objects that may cut into the hose.

3.   Care needs to be taken when welding or grinding.  Grinding sparks and weld splatter can damage shafts, hoses and shock bodies.  When welding around your shocks, make sure the ground strap is directly adjacent to the area being welded.  If the welding current is allowed to travel through the shock shaft and arc to nearby metals, permanent damage will be made to the hard chrome plating on the shafts.  

4.   Never remove a suspension bar while working on truck.  It will fall over and wreck parts.


If you are building your own chassis or upgrading to Big Shocks on your existing vehicle you will need to know some information before you place your shock order.  The suspension will need to be cycled from full extension to full compression so usable suspension travel can be measured.  You will need to determine the desired ride height.  The weight of the vehicle will be needed to help determine spring rate.  If you have no access to scales, call us and we can help.  Is the vehicle front engine, mid engine or rear engine?  What is the front to rear weight ratio?  What size tires are you using?  Will you be jumping?  The more detail you can provide the easier it will be to design your shocks.


Springs must be returned in new condition and in original packaging.  Maximum 3 months or 90 days from invoice date.
No scuffs, scratches, chips or defects which impact appearance or function – inside or outside of the spring.
We recommend wrapping the springs in low tack painters tape during installation.
Customer pays for shipping to return original springs and on the replacement set.
Springs not meeting these requirements will not be accepted as a return or exchange and will be returned to customer after return shipping is paid.


Returns - Stocked Products 
We accept unused, new product returns for 30 days from the original ship date with a 25% restock fee.  To return an unused product you must call for a return authorization and the product must be shipped freight prepaid.
Returns - All Shocks 
Unfortunately, there are absolutely no returns on shocks or custom "one off" products.  These items are made specifically per customer and are unsellable to the general public.  Therefore, once you buy it you own it.

Canceled Orders - Orders that you cancel will have a 4% Credit Card Cancel Fee. Credit card companies do not refund the fees to us.

Notification and Disclaimer of Liability

This product is designed for off road use only.  This product is designed and intended solely for legally-organized and sanctioned, closed-course, off-road competition use and is not for use on public streets, roads or highways.  Be sure to abide by all local, state, and federal laws, including but not limited to vehicle safety and traffic laws.

Due to the extreme forces and stress that off road racing components are exposed to, absolutely no warranty is stated or implied by Big Shocks Inc.

Under no circumstances will Big Shocks Inc. accept any liability; expressed or implied for the intended or unintended use of any of our products.  Racing is a dangerous activity.  By choosing to race, our customers accept all risks associated with racing.

USA Shipping ONLY.

Find a US based freight forwarder, and we will ship to them. 


We sell directly to the customer or shop.  We do not offer a dealer program or discounts.

We offer fast service with shock orders shipping in 3-5 days MAX.

Made in USA.