Nitro shocks - Setting Correct Oil Level

Setting the oil level in a Nitro shock when it is completely empty. 

On the air side of the shock, move the reservoir piston down to approximately 3" bottom of piston.

On the oil side of the shock, completely fill the reservoir until it is full.

Install hanging down to bleed air bubbles.

Fill shock body half way.

Flip the reservoir and install the clamp.

Fill the shock off with oil until it is within approximately 3" of the end.

Install the shaft.  Have rags ready in case there is any overflow.

Tighten shaft guide, and then flip shock over so the top cap is facing up.

Remove bleeder screw.  Do not lose ball.  1/4 -28 thread.  Install a hose to a drain can.

Push the reservoir piston in to set the correct oil level.  Measure from the bottom of the piston to the reservoir body.

16" travel - 10"

20" travel - 13.5"

24" travel - 15"

2023 New 20" travel with 15" Res. Set piston at 12"

This is a tuning baseline.

Install the shrader end.

Push shaft in all the way.

Charge with nitrogen to extend the shaft and check for leaks.